Our standards of quality do not accept compromises. Extremely high-quality requirements for pharma, food and veterinary applications can only be fulfilled by continuous and consistent quality, demanding conscientious actions from each and every employee. Extensive experience and constant training of our employees is the essential component which contributes to the high performance and reliable quality of our products.

CFL has a progressive quality management system covering a wide range of standards. We are GMP, FSSC 22000, GMP+ and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. Halal and Kosher certificates are also available for our products. To optimise our environmental performance and manage our environmental responsibilities, we work according to ISO 14001.

Chemische Fabrik Lehrte is also registered as an animal feed and additives producer and is GMP+ certified for the production and distribution of mineral animal feed.

Production, laboratory, warehouse, maintenance and administration always work in accordance to GMP, the highest quality standard. This is confirmed, not only by the supervising authorities, but also by many customer audits. In turn we also audit our raw material suppliers to ensure that our own high standards are sustainable.


Our product batches undergo extensive quality inspections and are checked for compliancy according to the often-complex specifications in the CFL on-site laboratories. Validated methods, which meet the international requirements of the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries are used for product releases.

The tests conducted in our laboratories are supported by an ICP-OES, an ICP-MS, a laser refraction particle size measurement device and an ion exchange chromatography. Accompanying analyses and detailed documentation of the relevant measurement values ensure the consistent quality of CFL’s products. Our highly qualified laboratory staff also perform external analysis tasks. GMP-compliant processes are monitored by our Quality Unit, ensuring continuous further development of our quality management system.

We would appreciate your questions concerning products and regulatory matters and can provide you with extensive product documentation.